Shopping List


Greet participants, interact and exchange in your Network'IN lounge: an open space equipped with coffee tables and seating inside the Jacobins Convent.

  • Large lounge: 12 m², accessible from the Gold level

  • Medium-sized lounge: 9m², accessible from the Bronze level

  • Small lounge: 6 m², accessible to all (including businesses which not opted for a partnership package)  


For non partners, the cost of the small lounge also includes 2 Pass PREMIUM.

Electrical box non-included

Speaking times are proposed to open discussions to other visions, way of thinking and also to contribute to the contents of the important topics approached by inOut. 

For the partners (included in the partnership): 

  • Platinum: round table or workshop, complete workshop facilitation or dedicated speaking time
  • Gold: speaking time during a session



  • Session time: 45 minutes
  • Session facilitation on a specific topic
  • Session facilitation by the partner or an expert / scientific


Round table: 

  • Session time: 45/60 minutes
  • Session facilitation on a specific topic with several speakers
  • Session facilitation by an expert / scientific, participation of the partner


Working session: 

  • Session time: 45/60 minutes
  • Availability of an area for facilitatioin / private meeting
  • Facilitation and management of the exchanges by the partner, with one or several speakers

Area right next to plenary room, this place will be dedicated to networking.

The partnership includes:

  • Logo visibility on the Network[IN] space
  • Logo visibility on the inOut webapp.
  • Visibility on the inOut website

Every participant will receive a lanyard with his/her badge. As a sponsor, your company logo will be printed on the lanyards together with the inOut logo : enjoy a tremendous visibility among the inOut community!

Lanyards will be produced by the inOut organizers. 

As a WiFi sponsor in the Jacobins Convent, your company logo will appear at each connexion.

Logo visibility on the onsite signage and final program. 

Located in the Network[IN] area, the charging station will allow participants to charge mobile devices.

  • Logo visibility on the signage

From early morning, meet up with the inOut community to start an intense day of networking and exchange.

  • Logo visibility on the breakfast tables
  • Acknowledgements on the inOut webapp
  • Possibility to broadcast a corporate video as a breakfast introduction
  • Opportunity to distribute promotional flyers

In the Jacobins Convent and included in the participation fees, lunches will be a friendly networking time.

  • Logo visibility on the lunch buffets
  • Acknowledgements on the inOut webapp
  • Possibility to broadcast a corporate video as a lunch introduction
  • Opportunity to distribute promotional flyers

Pleasant night in the Jacobins Convent for the inOut participants.

  • Logo visibility on the dinner e-invitations 
  • Possibility to broadcast a video in screens distributed in the space
  • Acknowledgements on the inOut website / webapp

  • Logo visibility on the dinner e-invitations
  • Visibility on the dinner signage
  • Possibility to speak at the beginning of the dinner
  • Acknowledgements on the inOut Website / webapp

Offer reserved to FOUNDER, PLATINUM or GOLD in priority

Sticker footprint will lead participants from the inOut welcome desks to your corporate lounge.

Strategically placed on the floor of the Jacobins Convent, they will create traffic.

(The stickers will be produced and provided by the inOut organizers)

Benefit from a large visibility among the participants by sponsoring the e-confirmations!

  • Logo visibility on the footer of each e-conf sent to participants

Give the opportunity to the inOut participants to review conferences after the event by connecting to the inOut REPLAY available on the website

  • Logo visibility on the replay platform

Logo visibility on the welcome area signage

Many advertising spaces will be available for the inOut sponsors in the Jacobins Convent.