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[IN]door & [OUT]door

A common area for the different publics of inOut for a citizen forum. Professionals propose, expose their vision, their project, their concrete cases ; and the users judge, testify, contribute to the reflexion. The Forum in the Agora represents a common moment allowing the connection of the two inOut communities: the [IN]door and the [OUT]door.

The partnership includes:  

  • The topic decision (validation by the inOut experts)
  • The inOut Agora area (dedicated place with the technicals equipments and the reception staff / Room capacity: 720 m²)
  • Possibility to be based on the inOut Experts Committee to "co-build" the forum
  • The participation of professionals speakers / sponsor experts in the discussions
  • Visibility on the website and on the inOut 2018 final program
  • Agora advertisement on the inOut 2018 social networks and in a newsletter
  • Visibility in the inOut 2018 webapp with an inscription functionality (e-ticket / free inscription)



  • Agora livestream on Facebook, Periscope, replay in Youtube, etc...
  • Furniture layout of the area

Dedicated to start-ups, innovators and students, participants will have 35 hours to find a solution to a problem whose theme will be chosen in collaboration with the partner.




All prices are exclusive of tax (VAT: 20%, subject to modification)

A goodie to promote your products and/or services and activities.     

Goodies will be provided by the sponsor.

Sponsored publication via inOut social media.

The inOut Social Media Manager will publish a post / a tweet redirecting to an URL you choose (post, article, video, website).

This publication will be boosted on Facebook and Twitter (online advertisement with audience targeting) to maximize the quantity of reached users.

Contact us and then receive a proposal in adequation with your expectations.


All prices are exclusive of tax (VAT: 20%, subject to modification)

Advertising banner on the website homepage or on the inOut registration page (three rotated advertisements maximum by space)

The sponsor will receive data on number of visits, demographics of website users and number of clicks. 

  • An exclusive advertisement on the webapp pre-homepage
  • A dedicated page on the inOut website to invite users to connect via the webapp
  • Reporting of traffic figures : number of uploads, number of view pages,demographics of users.

Invite participants to come, meet and exchange with you during inOut.

Each sponsor may book a maximum of 2 notifications.

Help students to pay their attendance costs  to inOut. 

  • Acknowledgements on the website / webapp

Help one or several start-up(s) to participate at inOut by bearing their participation costs!